This page features a collection of terms used in this documentation and ther common definition in Limepay's context.

3D-Secure - a security challenge used by credit and debit card issuers during online purchases.

API call - tbd

API key - a unique identifier given to merchants used to action operations through the Limepay API.

Authentication Key Header - tbd

Backend - tbd

Checkout - the widget on a store page that customers make purchases through.

Customer - an entity using the Limepay checkout to purchase goods or services.

Enterprise - a business with a significant interest in selling to or encompassing other business.

Field - the place to enter a value after a parameter.

Frontend - tbd

Integration - the process and method of embedding the Limepay checkout into a web page.

KYC check - Know Your Customer check. A background check run as part of responsible lending practices on customers choosing to pay in instalments.

Merchant - an entity with a direct financial relationship with Limepay. Uses the Limepay checkout to sell goods or services.

Merchant dashboard - control panel through which a merchant can review and manage payments.

Parameter - tbd

Payment - the money a customer pays in a transaction.

Payment token - a token generated by the Limepay checkout when a customer makes a purchase. Used to actualise a transaction.

Payout - the money that is given to the merchant after a purchase is made through the checkout.

Platform - A particular structure of business where a merchant.

Plugin - a program, in this case a version of Limepay, which can be easily integrated into another service, in this case an e-commerce platform.

Instalments - an optional payment method where a customer pays over several installments.

Sub-merchant - a merchant operating under the umbrella of the merchant.

Transaction - tbd

Virtual Terminal - Limepay's system for generating and completing orders from their merchant dashboard, without the need for a point of sales.

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