The Limepay API uses the OpenAPI standard. The reference is available on your left-hand menu.


The Limepay API supports three methods of Authentication.

1. Public Key

Header Name Type
Limepay-PublicKey String
Used for backend or frontend calls to query or execute actions on behalf of a merchant in a public fashion.

2. Private Key

Header Name Type
Limepay-SecretKey String
Used for backend server to server calls only. You mustn't share your private key. If the key is compromised, please contact Limepay immediately.

3. API Key

Header Name Type
Limepay-Token Signed String
The final method we used is a Limepay API key. For platform integrations, you will be provided with an API key you can use for administrative tasks such as onboarding and querying sub-merchants.

API Changes

Occasionally we introduce changes to the API. As a rule, we try to ensure that these are non-breaking in nature, such as adding additional (optional) fields to request and response objects.

If breaking changes are required, we first attempt to introduce a new API variant and keep a backward compatibility API layer, or we will give generous notification of upcoming changes.

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